Dance Classes

We offer a variety of classes for all ages and abilities. Please read the descriptions of the classes to help you decide what style you would be interested in.
Classes are 1 hour long and are $40/month.  Competition Students are allowed unlimited classes at $105/month.
We teach anyone from 15 months old up to adult age.
Please call (815)-942-6141 with any questions!



Your dance teachers from left to right: Christi Punke, Stephanie Mueller Gallagher, Donna Mueller, Kaylee Cromer, Kristin Olsen, not pictured Sandi Hawk

Ballet Dance Classes:

A theatrical work or entertainment in which a choreographer has expressed his ideas in group and solo dancing to a musical accompaniment with appropriate costumes, scenery and lighting. (ABT) Attire: All students must have white leather Ballet shoes with the exception of senior level students. Senior level should wear pink ballet shoes. All students must wear tights and a leotard or unitards. Teachers must be able to see the students body for the correct line and form.

Tap Dance Classes:

A dance form in which the performer taps out rhythms and patterns with his or her heels and toes while wearing special shoes with small metal plates called taps. Attire: Beginner students need basic tap shoes. (with elastic sewn instead of ribbons) Intermediate and Advanced students may wear black split sole pull-on tap shoes. All students must wear tights and a leotard. Spandex shorts and pants or tanks and sports bras are acceptable.

Jazz Dance Classes:

A new smooth form of dance using Ballet technique for turning, leaping, and fast choreography. Attire: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced students must have black pull-on jazz shoes. All students must wear a leotard and tights, spandex shorts or pants with a sports bra and a tank top.

Lyrical Dance Classes:

A form of dance that expresses deep emotion, relaying the message of the music used for the dance. Combines Ballet, Jazz, and Modern to create a unique style. Attire: All students must have tan lyrical shoes. All students must wear a leotard and tights or a unitard.

Modern Dance Classes:

A style of theatrical dancing that is not as restricted as classical ballet. Movements are expressive of feelings or abstract thoughts. Attire: Barefoot, any color leotard, and footless tights.

Hip Hop Dance Classes:

A new and modern form of dance, takes off of jazz, but is a part of the hip hop culture, coming from the street. Attire: All students must have black low top dance sneakers. Spandex shorts, pants, and t-shirts may be worn.


Gymnastics, such as somersaults, rolls, and handsprings, performed without the use of specialized apparatus. Attire: Students do not need shoes except for recital. Spandex shorts, sports bras, and t-shirts are acceptable.

Leaps and Turns:

Utilizes the entire class time to learn and perfect turns, jumps, leaps, and the techniques that are needed to execute them. Attire: any color Jazz shoes, and ballet attire.


This class is designed for kids through age 5. It incorporates aspects of Ballet, Jazz, and Tumbling. Kids get to dance to fun songs and work with fun themes for each class. Attire: white ballet shoes, any color tights, any color leotards, or spandex shorts, pants and a leotard.


Pointe work is not an entity unto itself, but rather an extension of training. This form of dance is done on the extreme tips of all toes of the foot, the arch of which is extended. Special shoes, which have stiffened blocks and large supporting boxes, are needed for this form of dance. They enable virtually anyone to stand on their toes. It is generally agreed that Pointe should begin no earlier than twelve years of age, and only after at least three years of ballet training.

Boys should wear active wear for class. Please no blue jeans!!!

Teachers will ask that inappropriate clothing be removed. This includes baggy pants, baggy shorts, big shirts, jeans, or jean shorts. Students not in appropriate dance attire will not be allowed to dance.

At recital time we may choose a different color of shoe to better match the costume. Shoes may be purchased in our store for your convenience.